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The world around us is changing fast and digital transformation significantly impacts the way we live and do business. It offers huge potential to make the world smarter while contributing to a more sustainable future. ICT Group is committed to playing its part in making the world a little smarter every day.

As a leading European industrial technology solutions provider our 1,500 dedicated technical professionals offer our clients services including: recruitment and staffing, testing and training, software development, project-based solutions, consultancy and managed services.

With a track record spanning more than 40 years, ICT Group has both extensive multi-domain expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. Integrating these strengths into compelling technological solutions puts us in a unique position to help our customers make their business processes more efficient, flexible, simple, safe and – as a result – more sustainable.

Our Solutions

ICT Group has identified the areas in which its range of expertise has the highest impact and where the solutions it offers provide the highest added value for customers. This approach enables us to further enhance our technological expertise and innovative capabilities in our focus areas: R&D Engineering, Industrial Automation, Infra & Mobility and Healthcare.

Our Markets

With our Smarter Industries solutions we serve the automotive, manufacturing, high-tech, food, chemical & pharma, oil & gas and logistics industries. Our solutions in Smarter Cities are focused on water, rail and road infrastructure as well as public transport and mobility. Within Smarter Healthcare we provide solutions in the domains of medical data exchange and obstetrics.

Our Software Products

Furthermore, ICT Group delivers its own software products including a cloud-based platform for IoT, digital transformation and artificial intelligence and proprietary software for obstetrics and Mobility as a Service. With our Motar low-code platform we facilitate quick and flexible model-based development at faster speed and lower costs.

ICT Group operates in the BeneluxBulgariaFranceGermany, Portugal and Sweden.
ICT Group was a listed company until September 2021 and is since its delisting owned by NPM Capital and Teslin. 

What can ICT Group do for your business?

We bring people, technology and ideas together by linking our knowledge of your market to innovative integrated IT solutions for your company, product or project. Our challenge is to make the world a little bit smarter together with you. Read our cases to find out how we create added value for our customers.

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