Amsterdam UMC obstetrics implements MososNXT CTG

High quality care for mother and child is the focus at the obstetrics department of the Amsterdam UMC. We use data from diagnostics and treatments to innovate and improve care. Working in an integrated electronic obstetrics environment is necessary to take further steps. Amsterdam UMC has chosen to integrate MososNXT CTG, a solution of ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions (ICT HCTS), with their Electronic Medical Record (EMR). At a glance and without switching to another program, the cardiotocography, or heart rate variability of the child, together with the current status of labor activity of the mother is available allowing adequate and quick decisions during a threatened pregnancy and parturition.

Amsterdam UMC, like many (academic) hospitals, uses a central EMR, in this case EPIC. It should not take extra actions for the obstetric care workers to find the patient information, especially in acute situations. All relevant patient information must be available centrally whereby the data and information is also automatically stored in the EMR. In addition, the CTG solution should have the right functionality, reliability and be user-friendly.

Rob Hogeweg, Cluster Director at ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions: “MososNXT CTG brings over 35 years of experience in obstetrics into an ultra modern solution. Our vision is that all our solutions must be able to integrate seamlessly with an EMR and the information must be available securely at any time and any place. This new generation of software makes seamless integration possible. The solution is fully web-based, making information available from anywhere on a tablet. We are extremely proud that the Amsterdam UMC has chosen ICT Healthcare with the MososNXT CTG solution.”

Support in decentralization of care
MososNXT CTG is also suitable for environments in which primary and secondary care work closely together. For example, the software integrates with Sense4Baby, a mobile version of a CTG monitor for home monitoring and in use at midwifery practices. The live stream of a CTG made at home or at the midwife’s office can be assessed directly by a hospital specialist. In this way we contribute to innovation and improvement of diagnostics to create quality of life for the pregnant woman and her child.

More Information
Would you like more information about MososNXT CTG? Check out this page or contact Edgar Engel:


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