Esprit offers consultancy services in technical software development and recruitment services in the technical automation domain.

Esprit occupies a unique position in environments that are complex and dynamic. Since our inception in 1999 we have focused on our main market: Industrial Technology with the disciplines of (embedded) Software Engineering and Industrial Automation. In addition, we also operate in the domain of Information Technology. Our flexCareer reward policy enables us to attract and retain the most talented professionals.

Our pragmatic approach distinguishes us as a service provider. Thanks to our extensive experience in international industrial companies, we know exactly which skills, experience and attitude our candidates require. Since the 1990s we have built a network of more than 44 clients, ranging from machine manufacturers to companies operating in the electronics industry and product developers. This network ranges from multinationals such as Philips, ASML, DAF Trucks, Vanderlande, MSD to smaller, specialised companies.

Esprit is experienced in technical software development and offers consultancy and recruitment services. As an agency for experienced professionals, Esprit :

  • Uses their knowledge and capacity to manage projects from start to finish and thus take over the management of a project from the customer;
  • Offers an expert team of Software Designers, Developers and Testers ready to realize your projects on time and within budget, at the right quality level;
  • Has a wide international network of talented professionals, who excel in their field and are excellently able to realize technical and innovative solutions for the customer.

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