Raster Industrial Automation is a project-oriented system integrator specialised in solutions for: petrochemical, heavy lifting, offshore, food, metal, water, pipeline, production- and process industry.

We specialise in production- and process automation activities and deploy the latest generations of PLC’s, robots, servo motors, SCADA-software, DCS and Embedded software.

Safety above all!

Our highly-qualified professionals work on innovative technological developments for our customers. To provide safety to company assets and business operations of our customers, we integrate organizational and technical measurements in the business processes.

We have knowledge of ISA-88, ISA-95, security, Gamp, SIL, OEE / SPC and tracking & tracing. The team is trained and retrained in safety aspects for various industries: Tüv Functional Safety, VCA, NEN 3140, Basic Training Offshore Safety and BHV.

Raster industrial automation

Production automation and process automation

Raster is continuously involved in complex projects in industrial automation. The team is specialized in production automation and process automation projects.

Production Automation
Deployment of the latest generations of PLCs, robots, servo motors and scada software ensures higher speed, accuracy, stability, flexibility and, on balance, lower costs. In addition, automation allows for real-time and remote monitoring of production processes. Based on its experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, the team is able to think along proactively with the product development process. Links with MES and ERP systems is also familiar territory.

Process automation
The control of an installation usually consists of dedicated controllers that collect measurement data and status information from the process and determine the control actions using the control algorithms defined in the control software. The controllers are coupled and often redundant. They are of the type DCS (Distributed Control System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or embedded controller.


For the Schelde project, Raster is working on an upgrade that will automate the launching of ships. The existing system is used for this, which means that the building must be modular, generic and flexible. Raster accepted the challenge.

Challenge yourself at Raster

Do you want to work on groundbreaking projects in industrial automation? At Raster you will work on technically complex and high quality projects from start to finish. You will be involved in consulting, specifying the task, programming the software and ensuring the implementation of industrial applications.

Would you like to know more about Raster?

Martijn Kooij

Martijn Kooij

Director Raster


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