Asset management at strategic, tactical and operational level

Consulting and engineering firm INNOCY provides services that cover the entire life cycle of complex infrastructure. Managing Director Bram ten Klei: “What makes us special is that we cover the entire spectrum: at the strategic, tactical and operational levels across the entire life cycle. From installation to demolition in road and rail infrastructure.”

Ten Klei: “We see ourselves as the consultancy firm of the future. We don’t do any detail engineering ourselves, but what we do is set up the entire life cycle process for the client. We have the required domain knowledge, tooling and experience, which allows us as well as our clients to take an integral step forward in developing and managing their projects.” The consultancy and engineering firm is an independent entity operating under the banner of technology and service provider ICT Group. INNOCY focuses on six domains: asset management, project management, safety, data and information, infra development and technology, and automation. Ten Klei: “The main common denominator is the life cycle.”

No novice

INNOCY may be a new name in the market, but we are certainly no novice, Ten Klei explains. The consultancy and engineering firm was founded in October 2020 from the merger of the companies Proficium and NedMobiel. These two companies had already been working together on almost all DBFM contracts awarded in the Netherlands during the last couple of years, including the Blankenburg link and the A9-Gaasperdammerweg project. Ten Klei: “We complement each other on several fronts. Proficium mainly focused on the installation side and was concerned with the life-cycle and management of these installations in the long term from an asset-management perspective. Their added value consisted of developing analyses and creating RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) reports, which means that they focused on technical as well as tactical aspects. NedMobiel had a vast amount of expertise in civil and general engineering and was mainly engaged in the strategic process and the operational management of tunnels.”


Asset Management consultant Alexander Zoetemelk: “We can now see the synergy taking shape right in front of our eyes; you can see how it all clicks into place. Proficium mainly employed electrical engineers, while NedMobile had civil engineers. One company worked mainly on rail tunnels, and the other on road tunnels.
All positions are now held by at least two people, which is of course ideal, also for our clients. In addition, within the company we can easily switch from the operational to the strategic level and vice versa.” This is an important added value, he says. Because: “In practice you see that these two levels – strategic and tactical – can sometimes get their wires crossed. We navigate between the two, fill in the gaps, prevent any possible
miscommunication, and work out all the details. Ten Klei: “It’s why we profile ourselves as Life Cycle Masters.”

“Our goal is to always add value that is of real benefit to the client. To be able do this, you need to know and understand the client and their business.”


Staying on board with the client during the entire life cycle is not the goal, but this happens to be the case with the project to construct and manage the extension of the A9 motorway near Amstelveen. INNOCY has been awarded the contract for carrying out all asset management activities during the construction and operational stages. Ten Klei: “We have been involved in various aspects of the bid right from the start, including the OPEX budget, maintenance management and life cycle costing. We documented and visualised the risk profile and found an optimum balance between the costs and benefits during the project and during the subsequent maintenance period. In addition to creating the plan we also set up the asset management processes and activities. This means we deliver the right people throughout the entire contract period, from asset manager to incident coordinators.”

Beyond billable hours

Ten Klei: “We take full responsibility for our part of the project, which means we are not in the game to bill for every single hour we spend. Instead, we always go for the best solution. We agree on the deliverables as well as the fixed price. This means we ask ourselves every week what activities we need to perform to create the right results for the client. Our role is that of an entrepreneur rather than that of a supplier of, say, engineers.
It also motivates our employees, because there are opportunities to work in different divisions of the organization. It is an approach that we want to take further into the market.” “Our goal is to always deliver added value that really helps our clients. To do this, you need to know and understand the client and their business. Only then can you unburden them and solve the problems hands-on. We set up the process and make sure the level of knowledge increases, so that clients can become self-sufficient if they want to. With a process that runs and a system that works.”


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