How do you master vehicle data networking?

As the central electronic control unit for data network management within the vehicle, the Gateway (GW) transmits and evaluates data between busses of various vehicle domains, such as engine compartment bus, interior bus, optical multimedia bus and diagnostic bus for maintenance. The GW can also host additional applications and functions that require data from multiple of these vehicles domains, for example, energy management.

Gateway module

The Business Unit Automotive & Mobility co-develops Gateway Modules for leading Tier-1 suppliers in the industry. OEM’s typically request architectures and software modules compliant with AUTOSAR. We have extensive knowledge in setting up software architectures for GW on both AUTOSAR based architectures and proprietary platforms. We typically support in the design, implementation and test of the embedded software for several complex routing algorithms to exchange various data formats between busses and different protocols on CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, MOST and LIN.

Connected Gateway, state-of-the-art technology

Besides mastering internal vehicle data networking, the Business Unit Automotive & Mobility is also co-innovating Connected Gateways together with its customers. Connected Gateways provide reliable networking between vehicles and roadside infrastructure. We typically support in the design, implementation and test of the embedded software for reliable and innovative telematics solutions for a wide range of applications and at the forefront of many of the latest developments. Advanced Connected Gateway architectures have a dedicated On-board Communication Unit (OCU) embedded on a second core in the same housing.

Offical partner of AUTOSAR

One of the reasons Conmeq chose to partner with Motar was their intention to keep optimising and upgrading the mini-loaders. Koot: ‘Because the majority of the functionality is in the software, customers don’t need to buy a new machine if they want more functionality. We’ll simply update the software. The other day we had a customer who wanted better security of the mini-loaders because there was a huge amount of theft on the construction site. We received the request on Tuesday, and by Thursday all his mini-loaders were already equipped with a PIN required to activate the loaders. Another customer needed greater acceleration power for a specific job. That was done within a day. In Motar, it’s merely a matter of adding a block of code. The new functionality integrates seamlessly and automatically with the other features.’

Vehicle Telematics domain

The Business Unit Automotive & Mobility has intensive know-how on developing embedded software in the domain Vehicle & Telematics, such as On-board Communication Units (OCU), herewith enabling vehicles receiving useful information from roadside infrastructure and utilization of big data generated from vehicles. We closely work together with our customers in order to develop state-of-the-art production class embedded software with the right quality, on time and within budget.

Project: Central Gateway Modules
Client: Leading Tier 1 suppliers in the industry


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