Agile in industry and high tech




Can you work agile in industry and high tech?

In this webinar from Improve Quality Services (part of ICT Group), we’ll take you through the experience we and our clients have had applying agile practices in industry and high tech.

What is possible, what isn’t, what adds value and what doesn’t? Through two expert guest speakers and our own insights, we will answer these questions.

Building complex systems

In industry and high tech we execute projects where complex systems are built. Hardware and software are developed, both at a different pace, but it has to come together somewhere in an intermediate or final product.

This is different from projects where you only develop software and can show something every two weeks. So can you work agile in industry and high tech? How do you then deliver a Minimum Viable Product every two weeks? How do you integrate in the sprint? Is there any point in working agile at all?

The latter: we think so!

Join us for our webinar on Wednesday, January 19.


Please note that this webinar is in Dutch. We will post a recording with English subtitles after the event.

The speakers

This webinar will be presented by Eric Elich, Rutger van Faassen en Patrick Verbruggen.

Eric Elich

Consultant at Improve

Eric has extensive experience as an Agile Coach/ Consultant and Scrum Master for Agile teams. He enjoys the challenge of working with teams in the quest to work together as efficiently as possible to achieve a high quality end product. In addition, he wants to advise and assist organizations in improvement processes.

Eric Elich
Rutger van Faassen

Excellence Owner Project Management, Product Portfolio and Agile methods at Bosch Thermotechnologie

From his role Rutger supports the organization in the change to a more agile organization. The past 4 years he has led a transformation together with the MT in Deventer, an International Domain transformation for 450 employees and currently he is supporting the overall Thermotechnology transformation that will affect all their 14.000 employees. In this he is particularly involved in the topics, Culture & Leadership and partly responsible for the collaboration model that Bosch will use in the future.

Rutger van Faassen
Patrick Verbruggen

Freelance agile coach (hardware and SAFe, Scrum)

Patrick is a freelance agile coach (hardware and SAFe, Scrum) and the creator of FlashDev.org, a framework for agile hardware. He has a mechanical engineering background and more than 25 years of experience ranging from engineer to project management of which over 9 years experimenting with agile in hardware centered environments like Vanderlande and Philips Healthcare.

Patrick Verbruggen

“In the industry, we run into projects where hardware and software come together, each with a different rhythm. How to solve this problem?”


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