Electronics in Vehicles 2021
A must-attend event
for the Automotive industry




Making vehicles connected, safe and smart

On October 21-22, ICT Group is present at Electronics in Vehicles (ELIV) 2021!

At the congress, you can meet us at booth #20! We would like to inform you about how we contribute to the creation of intelligent vehicles by providing system and software engineering services that help the automotive OEM industry to make their vehicles smarter, safer and more connected.

Developing high quality software on time

ICT Group is a software development company with over 30 years of experience in developing production class quality software for vehicles, for both the passenger car and truck industry. We develop this software – if necessary – functional safe according to the ISO 26262 standard, and in accordance with the applicable guidelines for Cyber Security. We also closely follow the Automotive SPICE quality process. Currently, the Agile methodology of software development is being introduced into the automotive industry. ICT Group has already built up years of experience in this.

Our specialism fits seamlessly with the major digital transformation that is currently taking place in the industry: ACES. These changes mean that future cars will be clean, quiet and safe. The impact of these technologies on the vehicle E/E architecture is large and requires exponentially more complex software. The ability to launch high-quality safe and secure vehicle software (in time) is therefore becoming a decisive factor for the success of any digital car manufacturer. Here it comes down to craftsmanship and that is exactly our added value to this market.

Bridging the gap from model to target

Developing and upgrading automotive software at an increasingly abstract level is a complex process. It requires specific knowledge that may be far removed from your primary process. Moreover, sufficient development capacity and launch excellence is also required. Wouldn’t it be great if your ECU firmware is ready as soon as the prototype model is finished? Our Motar platform can be your solution!

Motar is a plug & play product of ICT Group and enables mechanical engineers to create software without programming skills. We have developed this tool especially for builders of (off highway) vehicles who work within a Matlab/Simulink environment. Motar provides a seamless integration with model-based development tools to enable full integration support at the model level rather than at source code level.

Our craftmanship in combination with over 30 years of experience is
our added value to the automotive industry.

About ELIV 2021

The congress ELIV (Electronics In Vehicles), which takes place every two years in Bonn, has developed into the most important event of its kind in recent years – also in international comparison.

The event has become a must-attend event for all decision makers and experts in the automotive electronics and software industry. For many years now, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and software companies have been exchanging information on current developments and issues, presenting innovations, creating a basis for decision-making and setting trends for the automotive industry.

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