Industry 4.0 - Improve your
Plant Performance




How to improve your plant performance?

In our webinar series around the theme of Industry 4.0, we share our practical experience and insights with you. In this webinar, we zoom in on how to improve your plant performance through data. We will discuss this using a case we conducted at Blue Phoenix Group.

We do this together with OrangeNXT, part of ICT Group and supplier of the
conNXT IoT platform.

Making data-driven decisions

* The video above is only available in Dutch.

As ICT Group, we helped Blue Phoenix, the world’s largest ash processor, improve their plant performance through data-driven insight.

In the webinar, Vincent van Dijk, Operations Manager at Blue Phoenix Group, talks about data-driven insight and decision making based on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and how they have realized some great results with this in a short time.


Please note that this on demand webinar is in Dutch.

The speakers

The Plant Performance webinar is presented by Leendert Mijnders, Bas Lamme and Vincent van Dijk.

Leendert Mijnders

Senior Business Consultant at ICT Group

For more than 10 years Leendert Mijnders, as Senior Business Consultant at ICT Group, has been helping large international companies to bring together IT and OT in a connected factory and to transform to a smart factory. With a combination of knowledge and experience he supports the improvement of business processes and the realization of digital ambitions.

Leendert Mijnders
Bas Lamme

Business Development Manager at OrangeNXT

A manufacturing industry enthusiast specializing in driving industrial transformation, Bas Lamme offers a unique perspective on your data-driven organization and the contribution that Enterprise Mobility, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence can make to it.

Bas Lamme
Vincent van Dijk

Operations Manager at Blue Phoenix Group

Vincent van Dijk is the Operations Manager responsible for plant performance at Blue Phoenix Group. With innovation as a big driver, he is always looking for new ways of improvement. He is especially enthusiastic about enabling data-driven decision making within organizations.

Vincent van Dijk

“We are in the midst of the rise of Industry 4.0 (Smart Industries). The fourth industrial revolution has everything to do with Internet of Things, data driven work and automation of production processes.”

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