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Your total supply chain under control!

In our webinar series around the theme of Industry 4.0, we share our practical experience and insights with you. During the webinar of October 7th we zoom in on the Connected Supply Chain. We will do this together with Yellowstar, part of ICT Group and specialist in logistics software for supply chain collaboration.

The logistics world is full of terms for improving supply chains: end-to-end visibility, supply chain sustainability, supply chain integration, collaboration. Whatever you call it, supply chains only really improve when all the links in the chain are 100% transparent, can be managed in real time and are seamlessly integrated.

All steps under control, from inbound to outbound

Whether you are active as a supply chain manager, logistics manager or buyer in production, trade or retail: everything in a supply chain starts with overview and insight. It’s about having full control of all the steps from inbound to outbound.

In this webinar, we cover the following questions, among others:

  • What does the logistics process look like for a factory, trading company or retailer?
  • What similarities and differences can be seen?
  • Why are Excel sheets and phone calls still so dominant in the organization of supply chains?
  • What advantages are there when all parts of the supply chain are truly connected?

We explain this in more detail using a number of practical cases that we have carried out for Blokker and Zeelandia, among others.


Please note that this webinar is in Dutch. We will post a recording with English subtitles after the event.

Improving your supply chain starts with overview and insight

In daily practice we regularly see that many manufacturers, trading companies and retailers do not have the entire supply chain picture complete. An order is placed, a delivery time is agreed, but then what? Orders often disappear into a more or less black hole, without sufficient insight into what happens further down the supply chain. Feedback and status updates are often provided by telephone, e-mail and Excel. This makes control almost impossible and by definition reactive. The result: long lead times, high stock levels, excessive logistics costs and customers missing out because supply and demand are not properly matched. During our webinar we will tell you which steps you can take to tackle this.

The trick is to oversee the total supply chain – from inbound to outbound

The speakers

The Connected Supply Chain webinar is presented by Leendert Mijnders, Hugo Farla and Christiaan van den Bos.

Leendert Mijnders

Senior Business Consultant at ICT Group

For more than 10 years Leendert Mijnders, as Senior Business Consultant at ICT Group, has been helping large international companies to bring together IT and OT in a connected factory and to transform to a smart factory. With a combination of knowledge and experience he supports the improvement of business processes and the realization of digital ambitions.

Leendert Mijnders
Hugo Farla

Logistics Business Consultant at ICT Group

Hugo Farla is an experienced and knowledgeable Logistics Business Consultant. He has broad skills, including the assessment and design of logistics processes. He also has extensive (international) practical operational experience with manufacturers, logistics service providers and retailers.

Hugo Farla
Christiaan van den Bos

Sales Manager at Yellowstar

Christiaan van den Bos has been active as a Supply Chain Expert within IT and Logistics for more than 10 years. Currently, as Sales Manager at Yellowstar, he uses his knowledge of ERP, WMS and Supply Chain solutions to give customers real control over their supply chains.

“We are in the midst of the rise of Industry 4.0 (Smart Industries). The fourth industrial revolution has everything to do with Internet of Things, data driven work and automation of production processes.”


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