ICT Group B.V. re-certified for CO2 Performance Ladder level 4

ICT Group B.V. considers it important to carry out its work in a socially sustainable way. Sustainable business operations are a part of that and the CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that enables us to determine our CO2 emissions, enabling measures to be taken to reduce these emissions. ICT Group B.V. has been certified for the CO2 Performance Ladder since 2011.

Like every certified organisation, ICT Group B.V. was audited by an independent and accredited Notified Body (NoBo), in this case by Kiwa Nederland B.V. and again with good results!

We have been re-certified for the CO2 Performance Ladder, level 4 (Handbook version 3.1). With this, we have again demonstrated that ICT Group has a guaranteed working CO2 management system for its organisation.

This certificate is valid until October 5th 2024, but we will be audited annually. In the years ahead Kiwa will assess whether ICT has achieved its reduction objectives and ICT is doing what it set out to do in terms of reducing CO2 emissions.


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