Automotive IT Solutions

ICT Group contributes to the creation of intelligent vehicles by providing system and software engineering services that help the automotive OEM industry to make their vehicles smarter and more connected.

Automotive by ICT Netherlands

Our customers are large and well-known Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers in the international automotive OEM supply chains and we are a partner for function development, validation & verification and system integration. We know the importance of using early and continuous chain tests during every phase of the development process in order to identify integration challenges and resolve them immediately. Furthermore we reduce the time-to-market of new functionalities and strive for launch excellence of new software features.

ISO certification and big data

To accelerate the driving safety, Automotive & Mobility provides its software conforming to the ISO 26262 functionality safety for automotive. Closely related, ICT Group is at the forefront of many of the latest developments in the field of connectivity, enabling vehicles receiving useful information from roadside infrastructure and utilization of big data generated from vehicles to improve traffic control and accident-related measures. Volkswagen is a large customer in this segment, next to other end customers such as Audi, Daimler and Porsche.

Low-coding by Motar

ICT Group also offers Motar, a low-code platform. The platform enables engineers without or limited programming skills to create software and facilitates quick and flexible model-based development at a faster speed and lower costs. The Motar-platform consists of a Simulink blockset, a Basic SW (BSW) stack based on AUTOSAR, and optionally, a custom-made HW platform.

Software as a Service by OrangeNXT

With the OrangeNXT Brand, ICT Group offers ready to use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with a plug-and-play cloud platform that connects people and devices and allows you to simplify your processes and identify new business opportunities.

Our Automotive Cases

What can ICT Group do for your business?

We bring people, technology and ideas together by linking our knowledge of your market to innovative integrated IT solutions for your company, product or project. Our challenge is to make the world a little bit smarter together with you. Read our cases to find out how we create added value for our customers.

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Jarno Stamsnieder

Jarno Stamsnieder

Business Unit Manager (NL)
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Andrew Kolisnyk

Business Development Manager (GE)
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