Food, Chemicals, Pharma

Food, Chemicals and Pharma
IT solutions

ICT Group offers smart solutions for flexible, reliable and efficient production processes covering the link to ERP and the implementation of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) up to and including direct control at process level (PLC/Scada/DCS). In addition, we offer optimal control on result by modelling processes using Model Predictive Control. The latter optimizes production yield, reduces energy usage, improves product quality and increases process stability.

Food Industry

In the food industry, products are often made with large volumes and short delivery times. This requires the maximum operating efficiency. ICT Netherlands offers specific solutions for Tracking-and-Tracing, barcode and RFID, order management, recipe management, OEE calculations, changeovers and cleaning, sampling, analysis provisions and delivery and transport of bulk and warehouse goods, providing maximum operating efficiency.

Chemicals and pharma

We have specific expertise in continuous and batch processes in the field of bulk and fine chemicals. Prolonged production runs and long start-up times demand specific automation solutions and a focus on safety and the environment, including the use of SIL and ATEX. ICT Group offers total solutions with DCS, (safety) PLC and MES. Our professionals are skilled and experienced in control, information and knowledge technologies and can realise advanced applications, including those for optimisation by:

  • Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Statistical Proces Control (SPC)
  • Asset Management (AM)
  • Recipe- and Transition Management

Software as a Service by OrangeNXT

Through our OrangeNXT Brand, ICT Group also offers ready to use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with a plug-and-play cloud platform that connects people and devices and allows you to simplify your processes and identify new business opportunities.

Low-coding by Motar

Motar, our low-code platform, enables engineers without any, or limited, programming skills to create software. It facilitates quick and flexible model-based development at a faster speed and lower costs.

Our Food, Chemicals and Pharma Cases

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Martin Bijl

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