Transport & Logistics IT solutions

As an implementator and integrator of IT Solutions, ICT Group ensures that your logistics IT systems work together smoothly with other internal and external systems. We provide smart IT solutions with a focus on warehouse management, control of equipment in planning & execution and optimizations (for instance with dashboards) in the primary process of a supply chain.

Smart solutions by ICT Netherlands

We assist our customers with smart IT solutions aimed at achieving concrete improvements, from planning to implementation, to maintenance and management. We develop solutions such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Planning and Administrative systems, Process Control systems, Equipment Control systems, information services and mobile apps.

Distribution & Retail Logistics

We optimise your distribution within your business, in your distribution centres and on the road with smart IT solutions for inventory management. The latter enhances both incoming and outgoing goods and thus increases efficiency and productivity and save time and money.

In addition, we support our customers in the retail industry with the implementation and integration customer-specific smart solutions such as a Warehouse Management System (SmartWMS), a Warehouse Control System (SmartWCS) and a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Production Logistics

We provide our customers with cost/time-effective solutions to meet their requirements and help improve the quality of their finished goods. Through optimal execution and visibility, we ensure that the right quantity of materials arrives at the right place in the right quality – exactly when needed. Our expertise enables us to steer your production operations and optimize the flow of goods from your suppliers.

Software as a Service by OrangeNXT

Through our OrangeNXT Brand, ICT Group also offers ready to use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with a plug-and-play cloud platform that connects people and devices and allows you to simplify your processes and identify new business opportunities.

Our Transport & Logistics Cases

What can ICT Group do for your business?

We bring people, technology and ideas together by linking our knowledge of your market to innovative integrated IT solutions for your company, product or project. Our challenge is to make the world a little bit smarter together with you. Read our cases to find out how we create added value for our customers.

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Bart Overgaauw

Bart Overgaauw

Business Unit Manager


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