Machine and device engineering

Advanced IT solutions for
Machine and device engineering

ICT Group offers advanced Control-, Vision- and IoT systems and system integration for machine and equipment engineering within the smart industry domain such as healthcare, energy, material handling and agriculture.

Smart Solutions by ICT Netherlands

We provide consulting services, but are also able to realize the proposed solution. ICT Netherlands supports R&D departments in every stage of their product development. Thanks to our smart solutions, the machines and equipment from our customers are connected, safe and are always compliant with the latest standards.

Software as a Service by OrangeNXT

Through our OrangeNXT Brand, ICT Group also offers ready to use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with a plug-and-play cloud platform that connects people and devices and allows you to simplify your processes and identify new business opportunities.

Low-coding by Motar

Motar, our low-code platform, enables engineers without any, or limited, programming skills to create software. It facilitates quick and flexible model-based development at a faster speed and lower costs.

Our Machine and device engineering Cases

What can ICT Group do for your business?

We bring people, technology and ideas together by linking our knowledge of your market to innovative integrated IT solutions for your company, product or project. Our challenge is to make the world a little bit smarter together with you. Read our cases to find out how we create added value for our customers.

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Inge Pebesma

Inge Pebesma

Business Unit Manager Machines & Systems | Medical Software Development
Koen Peppelman

Koen Peppelman

Business Unit Manager ERD Products


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