Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

ICT Group B.V., a private company with limited liability incorporated under Dutch law with its registered office in Barendrecht, the Netherlands (the “Company”) is the parent company of the ICT Group of companies. The Company qualifies as a “structuurvennootschap” within the meaning of the Dutch Civil Code and applies the relevant rules of Dutch company law.

Executive Board

The company has a two-tier board structure, comprising an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the company. According to the Articles of Association, the Executive Board must consist of at least one member. As of 3 September 2021, the Executive Board consisted of the following two members: Jos Blejie, Chief Executive Officer and Jan Willem Wienbelt, Chief Financial Officer. In accordance with the company’s objectives and Dutch law, the Executive Board manages the company, taking into account all parties involved in the company and its related businesses. The Executive Board is supervised by the Supervisory Board. The Executive Board provides the Supervisory Board with all the information the Supervisory Board needs to fulfill its responsibilities. Major decisions of the Executive Board require the approval of the Supervisory Board. The Executive Board shall carry out its duties in accordance with the Rules for the Executive Board, which have been placed on the company’s website.

Jos H. Blejie
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After his education at the ‘Rijksaccountantsdienst’, Jos Blejie (1959) began his career with Price Waterhouse. He continued his career at EDS, IBM before he joined ATOS in 2000.  Within seven years he grew into the position of Executive Vice President Service Line Managed Services Benelux. Subsequently, he held positions as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Benelux and most recently Executive Vice President, Head of Siemens Global Partnership, a member of the Executive Committee. In December 2013, Jos Blejie joined ICT Group as CEO.

Jan Willem Wienbelt
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

After completing his study Business Economics and his Dutch national service in the army, Jan Willem Wienbelt (1964) began at the Dutch National Rail (NS). Subsequently he worked at Stork and Achmea. In 1999 he joined ICT solution provider CTAC as Chief Financial Officer. From 2005 he also became statutory director and member of the Board of Directors at CTAC. In August 2013, Jan Willem Wienbelt joined ICT Group as CFO.

Roy Jansen
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

After completing his study Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Roy Jansen (1966) started his career as engineer in the field of Industrial Automation. In 1994 he joined Ordina and obtained the position of Director Embedded IT. In January 2008 Roy Jansen joined ICT group as Division Director and completed his MBA study. In 2018 he was appointed as COO of ICT Group and in October 2021 he joined the statutory board.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising and advising the Executive Board and overseeing the policies of the Executive Board and the general course of affairs of the company and its business. The supervision by the Supervisory Board, acting in the interests of the company and its associated companies, and taking into account the relevant interests of the company’s stakeholders, also includes (a) the achievement of the company objectives, (b) the company’s general strategy and the risks associated with the company’s activities, (c) the set-up and operation of internal risk management and related control systems, (d) the financial reporting processes, (e) compliance with legislation and regulations, (f) the company-shareholders relationship and (g) corporate social responsibility. Under Dutch law and in accordance with the provisions of the Code, the Supervisory Board is a separate body that is independent of the Executive Board and all its members are independent.

Mr. Th.J. van der Raadt
Chairman of Supervisory Board of ICT Group B.V.

Mr. K. Beeckmans
Member of the Supervisory Board of ICT Group B.V.

Mr. B. Coopmans
Member of the Supervisory Board of ICT Group B.V.

Mr. M. Koster
Member of the Supervisory Board of ICT Group B.V.

Mr. J. Bongers
Member of the Supervisory Board of ICT Group B.V.



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