Managed Services

Managing your software and maximizing the return

The Managed Services provided by ICT Group has helped a great many companies to stay abreast of current software developments. We manage your software for you and maximize your return on that software.

If software innovation is not part of the core business, it can cost a lot of time and money. It is vital to find the right partner with extensive knowledge of a variety of developments tasks and methodologies and who knows how to manage software in the correct way. For this reason we are a partner of numerous companies and we provide advice – asked for and sometimes also unasked for – to keep these companies up to date. We consider it an important task to keep the innovative, complex IT environments of our clients up and running, to give them peace of mind and to keep investment and yield in balance. We take care of the management of your software for you and create the correct balance between investment and yield.

Our methodical working method

In short we implement the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Start-up
    Agreeing and laying down service levels and contract agreements. Putting together a team that can take over management.
  • Phase 2: Knowledge transfer
    Drawing up the necessary management documentation and inventory of contracts for updating if necessary.
  • Phase 3: Shared responsibility
    Cooperation according to the new processes based on existing knowledge and experience.
  • Phase 4: Takeover of responsibility
    Independent management of the applications. Transfer of responsibility for application management.

Clear framework

We provide our services based on a framework of processes aimed at management, maintenance and updating of applications and information systems. We identify three levels here:

The aim of the operational processes is to prevent errors or to minimise the impact of an error. We use operational processes to make changes to software in a structured manner and to do this we work together closely with you. ICT appoints a customer team internally with knowledge and expertise in your service area. Every month we discuss services at operational level, based on standard reporting.

We appoint a Service Delivery Manager to supervise your management and maintenance activities. He manages the customer team and is your contact point within our organisation. A meeting is held every quarter to adjust the services on a tactical level.

Within the strategic processes we look at how the market is developing and how the applications we manage should grow. We do this, of course, in close cooperation with you and discuss the results in a strategic meeting.

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Stefan Malee

Stefan Malee

Business Unit Manager
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