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Specialised recruitment services

ICT Group’s labels Additude-Esprit and Additude offer specialised recruitment services, sourcing, co-engineering and project management as well as software and engineering consulting services that support our customers in their innovation processes and product development.

In addition, we organize training courses to match each candidate with the right company or project.

We use a powerful measuring tool that allows us to create insight into someone’s talents and motivations. That’s how we find out what kind of job best suits a person’s natural strengths. While skills are of course important, someone also has to fit within the company culture.


Additude-Esprit focuses on three areas within the tech market:

  • Recruitment of commercial talent and specialists for positions in industrial automation, software development and testing
  • Deployment of employees with the option of a takeover (deta-fixed)
  • The inflow of young people and lateral entrants through the Additude Academy. This allows us to provide candidates for permanent positions, as well as the demand for temporary staff to our customers.

Additude Sweden

Additude Sweden offers software and engineering consulting services that support our customers in their innovation processes, product development and growth strategy. Furthermore, we offer solutions and advice in complete IoT solutions, including e.g. construction, design, electronics, embedded systems and software. Furthermore, as a head-hunter, we attract the market’s most driven and ambitious specialists and leaders for our customers.

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