Increasing quality and efficiency

To further increase the quality and efficiency throughout the health sector, ICT Group has developed software solutions for obstetrics and medical software development.

Obstetric Solutions

The obstetric software solutions are designed for electronic record-keeping and fetal monitoring, focusing on the optimisation of the working and decision-making processes at the maternity ward. The development of the integral solutions for Obstetrics is undertaken in close cooperation with gynaecologists, midwives, universities and government agencies.


A complete integration of the CTG data in the EMR ensures that midwives and gynaecologists have a complete set of information on mother and child at hand in one, single environment.


With the continuous development of our modular maternal software solutions we are able to respond to the demand for reliable, efficient and flexible care systems.


The STAN analysis provides a clear and reliable picture of a possible oxygen deficiency of the unborn baby. STAN enables the user to perform a timely intervention in case the baby is in a state of emergency.


Sense4Baby is a mobile version of a CTG (prenatal cardiotocography) monitor. This allows pregnant women and primary-care obstetricians to perform their own CTGs. The data is transmitted to a portal in the cloud, and the hospital can view the data in the portal in real time or at a later stage.

Medical Software Development

The use of software or devices with built-in software in daily clinical practice is subject to many rules and regulations, e.g. CE and FDA. In addition, each type of application or product from different medical fields is subject to a range of different standards. This is mandatory in order to guarantee high-quality health products that improve treatment results.

Our msdNXT approach focuses on determining the state of your current development, whether at the idea or concept stage or whether the idea or product is already being used in clinical practice. We monitor and analyse your processes. And we develop a plan to improve and support the development processes of your medical software. With our expertise and years of experience with CE/FDA regulations, we support you during the software development process and also offer services to help you with verification and validation.

Medical data exchange and quality assurance of connections between different medical devices are crucial for the development of medical devices. We have expertise in standards such as DICOM, IHE, HL7 and FHIR. That is why we offer services and consultancy for medical data exchange for all medical disciplines. In the area of connectivity, we also have strong partnerships with suppliers of platforms and technology.

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Inge Pebesma

Inge Pebesma

Business Unit Manager Machines & Systems | Medical Software Development
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Rob Hogeweg

Obstetric Solutions
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