R&D Engineering

Providing embedded software solutions

ICT Group provides embedded software solutions to help our customers bring their new machine, robot or car to the market. Our experienced and highly trained professionals have extensive domain knowledge. We specialize in the following markets:


ICT Group contributes to the creation of intelligent vehicles by providing system and software engineering services that help the automotive OEM industry to make their vehicles smarter and more connected. We work for large and well-know Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers in the international automotive OEM supply chains. We are a partner for function development, validation & verification and system integration. We know the importance of using early and continuous chain tests during every phase of the development process in order to identify integration challenges and resolve them immediately. We reduce the time-to-market of new functionalities and strive for launch excellence of new software features.

High Tech

ICT Group aims to stretch the boundaries of mechanics and electronics in high tech machines, raising the performance and robustness to the highest level. Thereby supporting our customers to deliver state of the art machines to their customers. Thanks to our smart solutions, we raise performance to a higher level. We move software from an enabler to the core of processes within the high-tech industry. With model-driven engineering, we improve coordination between various stakeholders resulting in a more robust software solution with fewer bugs.

Machine and Device Engineering

ICT Group offers advanced Control-, Vision- and IoT systems and system integration for machine and equipment engineering within the smart industry domain such as healthcare, energy, material handling and agriculture. We provide consulting services, but are also able to realize the proposed solution. ICT supports R&D departments in every stage of their product development. Thanks to our smart solutions, the machines and equipment from our customers are connected, safe and are always compliant with the latest standards.

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Eeuwke Wielinga

Eeuwke Wielinga

Cluster Director R&D Engineering
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