Software Products

Industry specific software products

ICT Group provides in-house developed industry specific software solutions, across every industry it serves, building upon our long lasting industry experience and deep understanding of the specific industry requirements. Our software products include a cloud-based platform for IoT, digital transformation and artificial intelligence as well as proprietary software for obstetrics and Mobility as a Service. With our Motar low-code platform we facilitate quick and flexible model-based development at faster speed and lower costs.

Obstetrics solutions by ICT Netherlands

We distinguish ourself by offering all necessary software solutions in order to work completely paperless. The software solutions are designed for electronic record-keeping and fetal monitoring, focusing on the optimisation of the working and decision-making processes at the maternity ward. The development of the integral solutions for Obstetrics is undertaken in close cooperation with gynaecologists, midwives, universities and government agencies.

Cloudbased solutions by OrangeNXT

OrangeNXT offers ready to use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and provides their clients with a plug-and-play cloud platform that connects people, devices and allows you to simplify your processes and identify new business opportunities.

MaaS solutions by Turnn

Turnn provides solutions based on MaaS. It is a turn key commercial platform that provides a smooth experience based on individual travel needs using all mobility means available based on real-time information. As a mobility solution platform, we guarantee personal preferences, comfort and convenience, saves costs, and combine flexibility and efficiency. With this, we unburden travellers and employers.

Low-code platform by Motar

Motar is a low-code platform solution that responds to the robotisation of Operational Technology (OT). The platform enables engineers without or limited programming skills to create software and facilitates quick and flexible model-based development at a faster speed and lower costs. The Motar-platform consists of a Simulink blockset, a Basic SW (BSW) stack based on AUTOSAR, and optionally, a custom-made HW platform.

Logistic software solutions by Yellowstar

With the recent acquisition of Yellowstar we have added their web-based solutions offering real-time insight, access and control in supply chains to our portfolio.

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