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Get insight in the optimization of your water management!

On April 15 we organized together with our partner KISTERS a webinar with live demo on adaptive water management by smart steering based on a DSS with RTO. A Decision Support System (DSS) with Real-Time Optimization (RTO) meets the emerging need for smart steering to become more climate resilient to changing weather conditions such as extreme heat, drought or rainfall. It provides managers with a solution that allows them to optimize the water system or water chain in an intuitive and accurate way.

View the (Dutch) presentation here.

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In recent years the Netherlands has had to contend with both heavy showers and extreme drought. The existing infrastructure and processes are often not designed for this. How can existing infrastructure be used to combat flooding and drought, preferably at the lowest possible cost? This quick scan will give you insight into the potential of optimizing your specific water management. For this purpose, a number of questions from your background will be asked, followed by specific water management questions. Finally, the insight of the optimization potential is given.

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